Why Do Guys Leave Bruises?

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Why Do Guys Leave Bruises

Girls tend to bruise fast, unfair, but it is true, and if this is from rough play or domestic violence then it should be concerning. However, if you are asking why guys leave bruises, this type of bruise is known as hickeys, Hickie, or love bites in British English. They are considered okay provided both of you consented to it and fortunately, it tends to fade in no time.

Whether to leave sex marks or not is one of those discussions you should have ahead of time especially if you have strong feelings for each other. Bruising during sex can be easily avoided unless your partner is specifically trying to mark you (Guys specifically do this).

Bruises can happen from an accident, domestic violence, physical contact, or rough play as well. Regardless of which one it is, it would be wrong for a guy to leave intentional bruises on your body.

You can enjoy a steamy night and not develop some annoying bruise later. So, why do guys leave bruises? Is it intentional, and how can you stop bruising every time you enjoy an intimate moment? Read on to learn more about why you bruise fast and why guys are known to intentionally leave these love bruises.

What is A Love Bruise?

A love bruise is known as a hickey or love bite in British English and it is a bruise-like mark caused by kissing or sucking on skin, this love bruise can be found usually on the neck, arm, or ear lobe. A hickey is just a bruise contrary to popular opinion and while biting or kissing can contribute to it, sucking is generally the cause of this love bruise.

Hickeys or love bites like many prefer to call them are broken blood vessels caused by sucking which is what results in bruises. While this might be exciting for some, it can also be a result of physical abuse. Bruises tend to hurt, but luckily most are not serious and should go away in 2 to 4 weeks.

Why Do Guys Leave Bruises?

Why Do Guys Leave Bruises?
Image: Janek B // Wikimedia Commons

Bruises can occur on any part of the body regardless of gender but if you are wondering why guys specifically leave bruises then it can be due to several factors, some of which include physical contact, accidents, or domestic violence.

It’s not common or normal for guys to leave bruises on their partners while having sex, a hickey is considered to be their way of marking territory and they like getting it as well. Love bruises or hickeys are seen as a sign of affection or passion unless it starts to hurt.

Guys are known to leave bruises on their partner as a way to show they had a good time but according to a relationship coach, they do this to mark their territory in a fashion but to others, it’s a sign of possessiveness. For members of the BDSM community, the mild pain behind might be the aim and so also the dominance ac.

So, if you are getting bruises from love bites during sexual activities, this is your boyfriend marking his territory. But take note that if the bruises were really bad, this would also mean the sex has been rough for you to bruise that way unless you bruise that easily.

Keep in mind that if your boyfriend is causing intentional bruises when being intimate or simply having fun, it can be a form of abuse, and it’s important to seek help as soon as possible.

How to Get Rid of Bruises

Bruises can be quite painful and found to be embarrassing as well. Sometimes gravity can cause them to spread down the body. A leg bruise is often the part that takes longer to heal, compared to ones on the face and the arms. To make the bruise fade faster, you should look for oral arnica, arnica gel, or arnica ointment that contains at least 20 percent arnica.

Here are ways to get rid of bruises fast;

  • Ice the bruised area
  • Get more iron
  • Get some vitamin C
  • Don’t touch it
  • Elevate the bruised area
  • Apply heat
  • Take ibuprofen.

In Conclusion

If you are getting lots of unexplained bruises and they are coming from any activity then you should reevaluate your current prescription regimen, they may be contributing to it. However, keep in mind that It is not okay to get bruised constantly by your boyfriend, it is unacceptable and can be a form of abuse.

A love bite is no doubt a bruise and luckily for minor cuts, you just have to dab antiseptic on it and a dressing to avoid infection. Guys no doubt enjoy giving love bites and he should also be getting them from you. There is nothing wrong with love bruises but if it hurts a lot and it’s constant, you should tell him to stop!

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