Is 5″8 Short For A Guy? (My Honest Opinion)

Amanda Thompson
Is 5"8 Short For A Guy? (My Honest Opinion)

Do ladies think height matter for a guy? Well, the simple answer to this will be a resounding yes although it also depends on whom you ask. Women are no doubt attracted to taller guys while a very small percentage are attracted to shorter guys and there are still women who are still attracted to both.

The average height for a guy is considered to be 5”8 or 177 cm and frankly, lots of factors can influence a guy’s height and the ladies have made all men who subconsciously fall under 6ft conscious about their height.

Research done in 2016 asked women how they feel about dating short guys and a huge percentage of them have no issues with them provided they are confident in themselves and are not awkwardly self-conscious.

5”8 is a little below average, and if there is not the usual ultimate shallow fantasy that many women follow which is ”I want to stand on tiptoes to kiss a guy” then there probably won’t be anything to worry about even if you are as short as a midget.

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What Height is Considered Short For A Guy?

Worldwide, a guy has a medium size of 5”7.5 which is approximately 171.45 cm. However, you do have to consider if you live in a state where everyone is tall to determine if you are too short for a guy or not.

The height considered short for a guy varies on the place you live in so if you are shorter than the median in your nation, you can be considered short.

For instance, U.S.A. men’s size national data standing is 5”9.5 inches or approximately 177.1 cm, so anything low to that would be considered short. For the females, the average height for women in the United States is 5”4 but apparently, most believed that guys are the ones who should worry about their height.

Is 5″8 Short For A Guy? (My Honest Opinion)

No, 5”8 is not too short for a guy as this is only one inch below average. According to the US, Food and Drug Administration, short for guys should be an estimated final height of below 5 feet and 3 inches while that of a girl is 4 feet and 11 inches. So, before a girl makes you feel short for being 5”8, you might want to remember this.

The answer to whether 5”8 is short for a guy is going to depend on whom you ask. But in my honest opinion, 5”8 is above average to be considered short and I find it strange when women consider this as being a midget height.

Also, the 5”8 height is only considered an issue for black and white men, but for Latino and Asian men, this is an appropriate height, and it’s above average. 5”8 is close to being tall although if we are being honest, few people would ever consider being short or even date one.

zac efron height

Zac Efron and Tom Cruise are 5”8 and lots of girls find them attractive so I am guessing the highest wouldn’t matter if he is attractive.

Anyway, 5”8 is not short for a guy and many girls are comfortable being this height and shorter while they get picky with how tall a guy should be. So, while I would label 5”8 as ”not short”, it is still legit not tall, it is average. But guys, own your height!!!!

What Height Do You Think Girls Like Guys to Have?

The simple answer is girls like tall guys, provided you are taller than them then it’s cool. Taller men are deemed more desirable and it’s been discovered that women are psychologically attracted to men taller than them because it stabilizes their world.

This has made all guys who fall below 6ft feel conscious about themselves but thankfully, they still consider 5”11 attractive.

A girl dating a girl who is shorter than she is is believed to be with him for who he is and not caring about his height. Keep in mind that being taller than your girl does not make her necessarily sexy but rather they claim it makes them feel more secure. On the other hand, 5”5 might not feel that short but 5”3 will always feel short to the girls.

This stereotype of girls wanting taller partners can make you conscious of your height. Guys are okay with their partner being taller than them but for the girls, their partner has to be at least 3 inches taller. Here is why this stereotype happens.

  • They find tall men protective and strong
  • Tall men tend to seek out short women
  • Society expects girls to seek out guys who are taller than them
  • Tall men are generally sporty and fit
  • They look good in photos
  • Tall men are great at cuddling (Well, provided you are not planning to snuggle on the couch.
  • They can reach things on the top shelf.
  • Tall guys also prefer petite women (guys that are not tall are short and girls that are not tall are petite) because they are easy to control.
  • Lastly, preference for tall people is sometimes just practicality and this reason does not apply to all women.

In Conclusion

You might have seen in movies that girls often fall for tall guys, it happens in reality too but you can relax if you are 5”8 as this is average in my opinion. If you compare your height to the opposite sex, it is average but if it’s compared to the other guys in your immediate area, it would still be average but also tall.

Well fellas, do not worry, a new study has shown that 5”8 is the new ideal height for guys and frankly, a guy of any height can be attractive. What is more important is that you are not so conscious and uncomfortable with your height.

I would however wrap it up by saying ”not all girls like tall guys”.

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