Do Guys Like It When You Play With Their Hair?

Amanda Thompson
Do Guys Like It When You Play With Their Hair?

One of the cute things girls love to do when they are with a guy they like is to play with their hair. But do guys like this? Do guys like it when women stroke their hair?

It has been established that guys have different ways of expressing affection, and their definitions of romance can differ a little bit as well. It has been discovered that when guys let you touch their hair, it means they trust you.

The question ”Do guys like it when you play with their hair” has been asked by thousands of girls all over the world. While there is no doubt that guys are very tactile in showing affection, they love caressing girls’ hair, they find this sensual.

Physical touch is one of the ways to show affection which works in context with guys, you can expect them to play with your hair especially if you are rocking a hairstyle that they find fascinating. But does the same method of affection apply to guys?

Do Guys Like It When You Play With Their Hair?

The simple answer is yes, guys like it when you play with their hair. As much as guys would hate to admit it, they like having their hair played with, in fact, most of them prefer this to any other intimate activities and this is because it shows that their partner is paying attention to them. The act of stroking their hair is a gesture that shows love and affection.

Sexual attraction plays a major factor in whether a guy likes you to play with his hair or not. If the trigger for your man is long hair, then he might not mind you touching his hair. So, there are plenty of guys out there who like having their hair played with.

Guys appreciate being pampered just as much as the girl does and provided your guy has a hair full of hair, do not hesitate to stroke it. However, they can also find touching their hair very annoying especially when they want to keep their hair from being dirty and only.

You can notice whether your guy likes having his hair played with or not based on how broad his smile is. When a guy allows a girl to play with his hair, it means he trust and feels comfortable with her.

Reasons Why Guys Like Having Their Hair Played With

One of the intimate activities that a couple can both enjoy together is brushing each other’s hair. Also, one way to find out if a guy is interested in you is to playfully touch his hair, how wide his smile is will tell you how he feels. If you are wondering why guys like having their hair played with, below are some of the common reasons discovered.

1. It Shows Personal Interest

Do Guys Like It When You Play With Their Hair?

As mentioned earlier, playing with a guy’s hair shows that you have a personal interest in him. This is a great way for girls to communicate that they like the guy on a more personal level and this way of showing affection won’t be that difficult for a guy to understand unless he is not interested.

If the guy has been doing the chasing and flirting, one way they can take it as an affirmation of return affection is when there are intimate activities and one common one is playing with the guy’s hair or beard.

2. Admiration And Respect

You might find this surprising but playing with a guy’s hair indicates a show of respect and admiration for him. One of the main reason girls stroke guys’ hair is to show that they respect and admire him especially when they are dating older guys.

There are even scientific proofs to back up the fact that girls play with their guy’s beards and hair as a show of admiration.

3. They Find it Comforting

A simple reason why guys will let you playfully stroke their hair is that they find it comforting. Some guys would even go as far as getting cuddled up while their guys brush through their hair.

Playing with their hair after a long day can offer some comfort and it can be relaxing for them. It also shows he trusts you enough to let you touch him.

4. They Like The Attention

Men like to be the center of attention as much as they would say no to this. So, when you touch and play with their hair, it shows that the focus is on them and they like this affection. Gently brushing their hair specifically is an attention they like.

5. It Reminds Him of His Childhood

Plenty of guys commented on how girls playing with their hair reminds them of their childhood when their mom or grandma would stroke their hair. It is a way of making your guy feel younger and innocent once again.

6. It Can be Very Romantic

Playing with a guy’s hair can be very romantic and fun. So, the majority of guys will let you play with their hair because they find it romantic, fun, and the perfect indication that you are flirting with them.

In Conclusion

When a guy lets you play with his hair then you can be sure that he is comfortable with you and he is not afraid that you will mess up his hair. There is no definitive answer to whether a guy likes his hair to be played with or not as it all depends on the guy you are with.

You have to understand that some guys might enjoy this and some will not. Although the majority of guys say they love it when a girl plays with their hair, it makes them feel like the most important person in her world.

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