Dating A Girl With Hemorrhoids (All You Need to Know)

Amanda Thompson
Dating A Girl With Hemorrhoids (All You Need to Know)

Can your partner pass hemorrhoids to you? What do you need to know about hemorrhoids? There are lots of misconceptions about having hemorrhoids, and lots of girls over the years have talked about how having a relationship has been quite challenging due to this.

Spontaneity in the bedroom would always be a happy surprise for some people, but it is impossible to do that when the girl has hemorrhoids, however, this does not mean she can’t embrace her body the way it is.

Having a conversation about having hemorrhoids with your date can be quite risky, but whatever your dating conundrum might be, you must be well-educated about this. These swollen clusters of blood in the lower rectum can be quite uncomfortable, but it really shouldn’t be a barrier for a girl to not get loved.

First, I did not think having hemorrhoids should be a dealbreaker, and half of all people will have it before they are age 50. If you have recently started dating a girl with hemorrhoids, no reason to panic. They are not contagious and there are ways to treat them coupled with the right lifestyle decisions. The only thing is, that men are slightly less prone to develop hemorrhoids than women.

So, it is double ouch. However, hemorrhoids happen to a lot of people and if you happen to be dating a girl who has it, it can make the date pretty awkward, so read on to learn all you should and how you can be more understanding.

What Are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are swollen, enlarged veins that take place inside and outside your anus. They are not contagious and are typically caused by pressure. A hemorrhoid is also known as a pile.

They can appear as several symptoms, including bright red blood when you go to the restroom. Hemorrhoids are just plain uncomfortable, and some can go as far as being extremely painful and itchy.

Increased pressure in the lower rectum is the reason hemorrhoids develop, and that happens due to sitting for long periods, especially in the restroom, being obese, being pregnant, having chronic diarrhea or constipation, straining during bowel movements, eating a low-fiber diet, and having anal intercourse.

Hemorrhoids are not dangerous and neither are they contagious, but they are distressing and uncomfortable. Internal hemorrhoids can collapse and be strangulated when their blood supply is cut off. This can further lead to infections, blood clots, and in the worst cases, gangrene and sepsis.

Here are the symptoms of hemorrhoids:

  • Discomfort is one of the common symptoms of hemorrhoids
  • Itching
  • Feeling like you need to poo even after you have just gone to the toilet
  • Lumps and pain around your anus
  • Mucus in your underwear or on toilet paper
  • Pain, especially when sitting.

Dating A Girl With Hemorrhoids (All You Need to Know)

Hemorrhoids are harmless to anyone who may come in contact with them orally or not. The pain and discomfort however can be pretty excruciating and uncomfortable, so that should be in mind when the girl you are dating reveals she has hemorrhoids.

Sex can exacerbate her hemorrhoids, and the increased pressure on the affected area during this period can result in a flare-up, so it is best to have those suckers treated before any lovemaking takes place. Talk to her about this and ensure you give her the needed space, so her body can recover and be in top shape soon.

One of the reasons you are likely worried about dating a girl with hemorrhoids is that it can generally affect her sex life. Hemorrhoids are no doubt a major bedroom buzzkill, and the treatment can be really expensive and painful as well.

Guys, if you care for her, then the fact that she has hemorrhoids should not be a concern. But keep in mind that engaging in anal sex will cause a major disruption to the hemorrhoids. I am sure that your partner will very much like a heads-up, and one who is right for you won’t mind. There is no reason for her to be ashamed or for you to make her feel awkward.

Finding out the girl you are dating has hemorrhoids is no dealbreaker. If you discover this while making love, you should tell her out of concern for her health, and it isn’t an STD or something, she can get treatment for it while also taking all the necessary precautions to prevent any flare-ups.

Safe Ways to Treat Hemorrhoids

If you have always enjoyed taking your time on the toilet seat, this is the time to stop. With hemorrhoids, you will understand why not all girls are into anal sex, it can be extremely uncomfortable and also some are hereditary, so it is unavoidable. In addition to this, the treatment can be really painful and expensive.

Luckily, there are safer and easier ways to treat hemorrhoids, If you stay on this treatment and maintain all preventive rules, it should pass within days, two weeks at most.

  1. To treat the pain, use topical ointments and oral medication
  2. Keep your bottom clean and tidy. Also, avoid using dry rough toilet papers
  3. Take a warm bath with Epsom salt for 15 to 20 minutes each day until the symptoms decrease
  4. For recurring hemorrhoids, consider adding more water and fiber to your diet for regular bowel movements
  5. Consider using witch hazel to reduce the pain and itching
  6. If your symptoms do not subside or there is more bleeding, talk to your doctor.

Is it Normal For Girls to Have Hemorrhoids?

Girls are not the only ones who can get hemorrhoids, it is common in both genders. Hemorrhoids can be either inside your anus (internal) or under the skin (external). Hemorrhoids are normal in both girls and boys and often get better on their own with no reason to panic.

The pain that accompanies hemorrhoids is something no one wants to endure and for people, it can become chronic. But it is completely normal for girls to have. Fortunately, with some lifestyle changes such as eating fiber and exercising, it would likely resolve within a few days.

How Long Will Hemorrhoids Last?

There is no saying how long hemorrhoids will last. Most of the time, the small ones will clear out without any treatment within a few days. While the large external hemorrhoids can take longer to heal. Large hemorrhoids can cause significant pain and discomfort and that might take longer to resolve, so it is best to see a doctor for treatment.

In general, there is no specific timeline as to when hemorrhoids will go away. Also, some can have constant flare-ups. The small ones can take 7 to 10 days to shrink, and they are a natural part of the body, so you can’t physically get rid of them unless through surgery.

Wrapping Up

My advice will be a bit sentimental, but in this case, I think it should be welcomed. The tip to navigating this is to talk to her about how you feel. Communication is the key to working any relationships out, in and out of the bedroom.

If she is uncomfortable about doing something with you in the bedroom. No reasons to be sensitive about it, rather talk to her about treatments and respect the space her body needs.

Also, it is not like there are no other activities that can incorporated to enable you to enjoy intimate and more pleasurable moments together. So, get creative!

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