Second Date No Kiss (What to Do)

Amanda Thompson
Second Date No Kiss (What to Do)

Is it necessary to kiss on the second date? The simple answer is no, as there should be no pressure to do anything.

However, it all comes down to the connection you two feel by the second date. I will agree that dating doesn’t come naturally for everyone, and we do live in quite an interesting time now as people have become more straightforward than they ever are. But, there are still many explanations for why a kiss on the second date won’t happen.

The main purpose of dating is to get to know each other and if you feel it is enough to kiss on the second date then it is okay. Everyone sets their kissing milestone at different times while dating, but there is always a lot of potential for that kiss to happen on the second date.

Modern dating is one we are still trying to decipher, as it comes with lots of unwritten rules. Kissing is a form of intimacy and after going on a date with someone you have undeniable chemistry with the very first date, you are likely to expect some lip-locking session to take place. But, spoiler alert, to kiss or not to kiss on a second date is just not as simple as many classified it to be.

The rules of modern-day dating will have you holding fast to your hats. You can always expect some mysteries and lots of twists and turns. So, when it comes to a second date kiss or not kiss, you want to treat it carefully. Let’s explore the second date no kiss question, what you should do, and if you need to be playing it cool or simply pucker it up.

Should You Go For The Second Date Kiss?

The second date kiss is often your chance to make a lasting impression, and there might be a bit of pressure than you need. The pressure can impact how the second date will go. Also, if you expect him to kiss you on the second date, and he didn’t, there is no reason to dramatize it, he is probably nervous and needs the date to go well. You must evaluate the significance of the second date.

No hard and fast rule states you have to go for a kiss on the second date or not. However, it is safe to assume that your partner accepted the second date because they like you, so some lip-locking session might be welcomed. Do not underestimate the power of the second date, if you two consent then there is no reason you shouldn’t go for that second date kiss.

You may have to watch out for your date’s body language to see if they open to a kiss. If they are leaning towards you, or they are comfortable with you. Research has shown that the second date is the ideal time for the first kiss but also keep in mind that it is completely okay to wait for the third date.

Second Date No Kiss (What to Do)

If you didn’t get a kiss on the second date, do not despair, There can be several reasons behind this, and it has nothing to do with bad chemistry. When it comes to kissing on the second date, it is all about timing and the chance to might be lost before working on the right timing. Note that each date is different and there are no set rules to how it should go, but there are things that can be done to make a kiss happen.

1. Do Not Put Too Much Pressure On It

I understand that you want your date to go well, but if you are expectant to build a deeper connection on a deeper date, you shouldn’t put too much pressure on it. Just because the first date went well does not mean that a lasting relationship will be formed from it so if a kiss did not happen on the second date do not take it personally.

Also, a second date kiss might not happen because he is not in the same place as you. So, do not put too much pressure on it, and rather just focus on enjoying things and learning more about each other.

2. Don’t Assume Anything

It is normal for the date to be full of so many uncertainties and some miscommunication, but you mustn’t assume anything. If you are not sure that he is ready for anything more, then simply keep things casual.

It is best that you ask for clarification rather than assume something and risk getting embarrassed. He might get more attracted if you communicate confidently than assume.

3. Hug Him First

Sometimes all you need to get him to see that you are welcome to a second date kiss is to hug him. Hugging is also a nice way to end the date, even if it won’t be progressing to something else. Hug him first and see how he reacts, he might take it over from there and kiss you or simply pull you in for a closer hug, which still indicates that he likes you.

There is no point rushing things, a hug signifies that you are willing to take things where he wants, but also take it slow as well. If he hugs you back or not, you can decide from there if he feels the same way or not.

4. Wait Until the Date is Over

Another thing you can do is to wait till the date is completely over, rather than jump to conclusions that a kiss won’t be happening. There is no point in ruining your date by obsessing over how the second date should go and when is the right time for the kiss to take place. It is best to wait till the end of the date and see how you feel then and how it would progress.

Tips to Break The No Kissing Barrier On The Second Date

There are many potential reasons why many will not kiss on the second date and if you are both interested in each other, there is no reason your date can go on a deeper level. The second date is your chance to make a lasting impression, there is however going to be lots of shyness and uncertainty about going in for a kiss or not.

Getting a kiss on the second date can be nerve-wracking, as kissing is a form of intimacy, and you want to be sure you are ready for it. Still, there is potential for a kiss happening on the second date. Here are guidelines you can follow to break the no-kissing barrier on the second date.

  1. Dress to impress, but ensure you choose one that is comfortable
  2. Start with subtle gestures such as a subtle touch on the arm and a light playful nudge
  3. Pay attention to your partner’s body language to gauge their level of comfort
  4. Always be respectful and make sure you have your partner’s consent
  5. Choose activities that would involve some natural physical touch such as dancing, playing a sport, and taking a walk hand in hand.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to kissing on the second date or not, you have to let your instinct guide you. If you feel there is a strong connection, then do not overthink things and just go in for the kiss. However, you have to ensure a strong element of communication is put in place and that there is trust as well.

Lastly, if he is not on the same page as you, it is best not to try anything that might lead to confusion and embarrassment. If you are confident and comfortable with him, take the plunge and go in for that second date kiss and if it doesn’t happen, but a third date is planned, then keep calm and enjoy as the romance blooms.

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