Ignore Her After She Cancels Date: Good Move?

Amanda Thompson
Ignore Her After She Cancels Date: Good Move?

Girls flaking after planning a date for a very long time happens not to be new but to be gentleman, you might wonder if ignoring her is best or not.

If the girl cancels and immediately reschedules, there is a high chance she is still interested in meeting with you, but if she does not reschedule, she is surely not interested and might be looking for a way to get out of the date completely. The decision to ignore or not can also determine if there will be a next date or not.

It can be frustrating to have a date you have planned canceled. You are likely to find yourself staring down at the phone and thinking if you should chat her up to make sure she is still into you. You might have all kinds of thoughts going through your head but not to worry, every guy gets flaked!

Do you know that girls canceling dates is one of the oldest seduction techniques? However, this does not make it any less annoying after so much planning has been put into place only to have the date canceled last minute. Scroll down to find out if ignoring her is a good move or not.

Ignore Her After She Cancels Date: Good Move?

The pro daters are quick to suggest ignoring her when she cancels a date and goes after another girl immediately. However, I think if her reason for canceling the date seems genuine then do not be afraid to pick a new day. It can be disappointing to have a date canceled but if you like her and she seems apologetic, try giving her another chance.

But if she is a serial date canceller do not consider trying again because she is not interested, so ignoring her is a good move. Also, what your date needs sometimes is more time to prepare so you can offer to meet later in the day.

We understand that her canceling the date burned but ignoring her is just finding a way to burn her back so, guys keep pettiness out. Don’t send a mean message to get back to her either, you want to leave the conversation feeling good about yourself and have a chance to continue dating her as well.

How to Respond When A Girl Cancels A Date

Ignore Her After She Cancels Date: Good Move?

Ignoring is not going to fix anything but this is applicable if she is canceling on you for the second time. Ghosting a girl is not a recommended way to deal with a canceled date, you have probably heard your bros claim this is cool, but this can lead to some serious dip in self-confidence rather there are some nice responses that can help.

Replies to give to a girl canceling a date on you is not open-heart surgery, below is how you can handle this like a pro and have her attention.

1. Offer to Reschedule

I totally understand. I like talking to you, so I would like to reschedule if you are up for it. Let me know when you are free next week. Or ”Shoot, I hope everything is okay! I have Wednesday and Friday free next week. Let me know if you will be available for dinner then.

2. Give Her The Choice of Rescheduling

She really should be the one offering to reschedule so one way you can deal with this is to leave the ball in her court. Letting her decide when you see next is a way to know if she is interested. Simply reply with, ”Hey I get it. I will leave it up to you to make a rescheduling happen!”

3. Keep Your Reply Light

This is something you want to do when you are sure that she canceled the date because she is not sure about you. Girls love a sense of humor, so rather than ignore her, try making her laugh.

”It’s okay, I was excited to hang, but at least this means that I can change out of the footsie PJ I have been wearing all day. 😎”

”No worries at all about canceling the date. I guess I will have to find another excuse to put on my fancy socks and practice my cheesy pickup line. Let me know when you are free again and we will plan something fun! 😄”

4. Be Direct if You Can’t Deal With The Flakiness

Since ignoring her is not a good choice but you still find that you can deal with the flakiness then you can be direct with your response. ”Hey, I get it, but I also know myself. I can’t date someone who flakes. I’m sorry, best of luck to you though.

5. Wait to Cool it Off

If she cancels and you are feeling annoyed, you should take a couple of minutes to cool off and avoid sending something impolite. You do not want to say something you will regret later in the heat of the moment and most importantly, keep any response very short.

Most importantly taking time to reply to her will show that you don’t care that she flaked and this is something that would make you seem more interesting to her.

Wrapping Up

Ignoring her after she canceled the date is only going to make matters worse, it won’t win her over and the idea is to ensure you remain a perfect gentleman. However, if your date is not taking your time seriously and she is canceling for the 4th time, ignore her and walk away.

No matter what you choose to do, avoid sending a fiery petty response to a girl that cancels a date on you. If she does not seem apologetic about flaking on you, fight the urge to send a petty response, rather use the polite method above or give no response at all.

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