Date At The Mall – Good Idea?

Amanda Thompson
Date At The Mall - Good Idea?

Is a date at the mall a good idea? You might be bored with the normal date to the movies or dinner date nights and think the mall seems like a new and interesting concept. A date at the mall seems like a good idea, but there are a couple of factors you want to consider to make it a successful date.

There is also an unlimited option for dates when you are going for the first date, and there is also no shortage of bad first-date ideas as well. It is important that wherever you pick to go has an activity both of you will enjoy, and the reason for this is that it allows you to get to know each other without forcing you to talk the entire date.

A date where you two are forced to just start at each other and not get a chance to know each other isn’t much of a date. And if it’s a first date, then you might not be getting a second one. I am however of the opinion that any date can go well if it’s something both of you enjoy doing.

Mall dates are not new, but we have to agree that many people still struggle to go to this place for a nice date. There are many things one can do at the mall so if you are not good with movies or dinner dates, read on to learn about dates at the mall, if it’s a good idea, and how can make it work.

Date At The Mall – Good Idea?

A mall date can no doubt be a great place to have fun with your significant other while you get some shopping done. But we also have to understand that malls are sterile, busy, and impersonal, so they might not be the best option when you are looking to create a unique experience on a first date, however, for third and fourth dates, malls are perfect.

Hitting the mall for some try-and-buy on your second date is also a very good idea, if you keep an open mind and your date is okay with it, you can prepare yourself to embrace the experience. The mall is just not inspiring for a first date, you can end up spending tons of money on her while being her shopping rack too.

Keep in mind that a date at the mall isn’t a bad idea, it’s just not suitable for a first date. However, you can hit up a cool bookstore instead, especially if both of you are bookish and introverted.

Mall dates used to be perfect in the ’90s for dates, but we have to remember that now it’s designed to accommodate people and not to give your date a unique first-date experience. But not to worry, it can also be a wonderful experience if she is down for it and doesn’t mind doing some shopping while at it.

Where is Good For A First Date?

When you are going on a date, you can’t go wrong with anything as the options are unlimited, but some places are just plain bad as first date ideas. Since it’s the first date, you don’t know each other that well yet, and you might be looking forward to impressing her, so you want somewhere memorable and fun.

If you want places where you do not have to force awkward conversations, you want to consider going to a comedy show, vision a museum simply taking a walk. Looking for more thrilling dates, go rock climbing or axe throwing.

There are also simple first dates like talking over coffee, having a park picnic, getting dessert, or exploring a farmers market. The best kind of first dates are ones that present an opportunity to have meaningful conversations and also learn about the other person’s personality.

Tips For Making Mall Dates Successful

Date At The Mall - Good Idea?

How do you make mall dates successful? A date is about building a connection, whether it’s a first or fourth date. So while I say the date on the first date should be elaborate, there is nothing wrong with going to the mall if there is mutual understanding. You can make mall dates very successful and according to a dating coach, here are tips on what to do.

  • Plan. It is important that you decide what you want to do at the mall, and then decide on the stores you are going to visit as well.
  • You will be doing lots of walking, so dress comfortably and let your date know about this as well.
  • Bring your wallet. You might want to buy something while at the mall, so make sure you have your wallet with you.
  • Lastly, relax and have fun!

Mall dates are not popular because many people think of what can easily go wrong. But if you ensure there is proper planning, then it can be a really fun experience.

The Bottom Line

Mall dates are typically a good idea, even though they are not recommended for the first date. Personally, I think it’s a great option for people who are not sure about the other person. It will be easy to get away from them in case they are not interested in you. Try the mall on the first date if you are not that much up for conversations.

Hitting the mall on the second date is however a superb idea, maybe you can model some outfits for each other, click lots of pictures, and then you can gorge on some donuts or burgers afterward.

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