My Girlfriend Never Compliments Me – What to Do

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My Girlfriend Never Compliments Me

We don’t talk enough about the effect that a lack of complimenting each other can have on a healthy relationship. A lack of compliment doesn’t necessarily mean that something is wrong but it means she has stopped making the effort. To find out what the deal is, you should first figure out if you have also been complimenting her.

Contrary to popular opinion, compliments are quite important in a relationship. Not all compliments are created equal but if your girlfriend has never complimented you, you have to also consider if you have been supportive and consistently offer her compliments as well.

How do you feel when you get all dressed up for a date night or hang out with friends and your girlfriend completely ignores you with no compliment whatsoever? There is a saying that you become who you hang out with which means that in this regard, it’s likely you haven’t been dolling out compliments as well.

Truly nothing has the power to brighten your day like a well-placed sincere compliment from a girl you are in love with. If your girlfriend never compliments you, this can start to erode your self-esteem over time. So, after checking with some experts on this, here are things you can do.

How Often Should Your Girlfriend Compliment You?

Compliment between two people who are in a relationship is not a competition rather it should be something offered genuinely.

The sharing of compliments is believed to be universal when it comes to girls but it’s often not. So, while the key is that she compliments you and does not offer you criticism, the compliments should come sparingly.

A couple of times a week should be how often your girlfriend compliments you however note that how often you and your girlfriend complement each other depends on your needs and preference. The compliments really should be sincere and not offered because they feel pressured to do so.

Obviously, there is no minimum number of acceptable compliments, just be sure she is genuine when she does compliment you. If she rarely compliments you but feels comfortable criticizing you then that is a sign that your relationship is unhealthy.

My Girlfriend Never Compliments Me – What to Do

Do Compliments Matter in A Relationship?

If your girlfriend never compliments you, it can be disheartening, in some cases, it can lead to feeling insecure and inadequate. Research shows that girls generally give and receive more compliments than guys. But on the flip side, girls would compliment a guy they are attracted to often. To address this situation, here are some steps you can take.

1. Communicate Openly With Her

The first step you want to take is to communicate how this makes you feel. Talk to your girlfriend about this in a calm and non-confrontational manner, letting her know that compliments are important to you and you would appreciate hearing it from her.

There is a good chance that she doesn’t know how to be specific about the type of compliments that would make you feel valued and loved.

2. Avoid Using Accusatory Words

While telling how her lack of compliments makes you feel, consider using the ”I” statements instead of ”you” to express your feelings. Instead of saying ”You never compliment me”, rather say ”I feel a bit insecure when you don’t compliment me”.

3. Be Patient And Understanding

People have different ways of expressing affection, so your girlfriend may not be naturally inclined to give you compliments, but this does not necessarily mean they do not care about you. So, understand that her actions may sometimes not reflect her feelings towards you.

4. Consider Love Languages

You have to learn what each other love language is in order to help receive and give love and care the way you both want. It’s possible that your girlfriend loves differently than you may not recognize so learn her love language and understand that it may not be in terms of giving compliments but she can learn this is yours and work towards it.

5. Focus on Self Confidence

It’s understandable that compliments from your significant other can be uplifting but it’s even more essential that you build self-esteem independently. So rather than worry about the lack of compliments, engage in activities that make you feel good about yourself and recognize your own worth.

6. Compliment Her

There is no secret on how many girls love compliments and it’s discovered that one of the reasons a girl won’t give compliments is because she is not receiving either.

So, try to reflect on whether you have been paying her compliments whenever she does something good so do something simple such as telling her she looks nice today or you appreciate the work she is doing.

If you make a conscious effort to praise her more often then she is likely going to try and reciprocate soon. Even the smallest things can make a difference in how she feels for you.

7. Seek Professional Help if Needed

Remember that every relationship is unique however if your feelings of inadequacy persist or if the lack of compliments is causing distress in your relationship, you should consider seeking help from a relationship counselor or therapist. They can help provide additional insights and strategies on what to do to improve your bond.

Do Compliments Matter in A Relationship?

The simple answer is yes but also take note that not all compliments are created equal. Giving even the tiniest bit of compliments goes to break the cycle of defensiveness and criticism that can damage a relationship. Complimenting your partner makes them feel seen, loved, and appreciated.

Complimenting each other is your way of creating a culture where you both make each other feel appreciated and this can help you both feel happier while making your relationship last longer too.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to compliments, many men feel underappreciated but we have to agree that they love compliments as much as every girl does. If you are struggling to get some compliments from your girlfriend, don’t complain about it rather ask for some compliments and let them know how important it is to you.

You should be open about wanting to hear compliments and know that it is not shameful to desire kind words from your girlfriend. Have an open and honest conversation about this and get to the root of this lack of compliments.

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