Girl Cancels But Offers to Reschedule: What to do?

Amanda Thompson
Girl Cancels But Offers to Reschedule: What to do?

A girl canceling on you is no fun, right? But when she offers to reschedule, you are likely torn between refusing and saying yes but not being desperate about it. You also have to be careful, so she does not feel that it’s totally fine to cancel on you.

Honestly, a canceled date does not have to be a big deal especially if she offers to reschedule, but in most cases, girls are known to cancel when they are not interested.

No matter how frustrated you are, the bottom line is that you will not be seeing her tonight. A canceled date is no doubt annoying and if you waited so long to get this date with her, canceling can make you insecure about the next scheduled date happening.

We know you are frustrated and annoyed which can lead to some doubt and if you have made some efforts towards that day, it can further agitate you. However, rather than reply rudely, you can respond politely, make your date feel good, and hold on to making the next date work.

Girl Cancels But Offers to Reschedule: What to do?

You are so looking forward to seeing her, but here you are looking at a message that says ”sorry I can’t make it, but I would love to reschedule”. The fact that she is giving an alternate date means that she wants to make up for it. What should you do?

1. Respond to Her, Don’t Ignore

One thing you do not want to do is ignore her unless you do not want the date to hold anymore. Responding to her is simple, you can send a text saying;” Thanks for letting me know, I was looking forward to getting together, but another time works just fine”. She will likely respond with Thank you for your understanding.

Also, you should ask if everything is okay, we understand that it’s upsetting but you still want to be a gentleman. So, you can text her the next day asking how she is feeling, just checking in.

2. Leave The Ball in Her Court

You will surely be tempted to push the rescheduling date she gives especially if the date has been planned weeks but avoid doing that. It’s not considered a broken date since she rescheduled right? So, just go with it without pushing anything and let her work towards the date she mentioned.

Remember, if she cancels the date then the onus is on her to make it up to you so leave the ball in her court. If it’s a girl you have never met before, it’s highly recommended that you let her decide the next date.

3. Ask Her if She Needs Help

Asking her if she needs help is an important context that might dictate how she responds from there. Take the gentleman’s route no matter how upset you are. If she can’t make it because her car broke down, offer to pick her up, if she says she is not feeling well, ask her if there is anything you can get her.

Even if she says no to all your requests, ensure to remain polite, and just as mentioned earlier, whatever her reason for canceling may be, you should acknowledge her text.

4. Figure Out if She Still Wants to See You

Many girls will reschedule not because they want to see you again but just to be polite while canceling the date. Knowing if she wants to see is the trickiest part of getting flaked on. Does she want to know more about you before meeting up? Or did she flake because she is too afraid to reject you?

So, how do you figure this out?

If she is replying after canceling and still talks about rescheduling then she is interested. But did she cancel and keeps dragging the rescheduled date or responds slowly to texts, she is likely being polite and does not want to see you.

5. Don’t Take It Too Personally

This is going to determine whether you get a second date or not. This little nugget can save you lots of trouble, no matter what made her cancel, don’t take it personally and show a little understanding.

Do, not get all inquisitive and keep asking her why she flaked on you, just show kindness and move on. No girl wants to date a guy who is probably untrusting and insecure so rather than seeking an explanation, work with the date she scheduled and if that got canceled again, move on.

6. Deflect The Pain And Reschedule Like A Pro

No matter how close the rescheduling date is, we have to admit flaky behaviors can be quite annoying. Here is one piece of dating advice you might want to keep in mind if the girl keeps canceling on you, ”stop chasing her and find someone else who is invested”.

It doesn’t matter if you have been daydreaming about the girl for weeks, chase her if you know she is good for you and learn to let go when there is no hope of seeing her happening.

Lastly, you might want to create some space before asking out again and that is if she shows clear signs that she is interested. When a girl is interested in you then you can be sure that the date will happen eventually. But in the meantime, STAY FUN AND WARM!

In Conclusion

It is discovered that the majority of women will cancel dates and reschedule only to boost their ego and discover how much they want to see them. While this assertion is true, it is not for every girl and they might cancel for genuinely good reasons.

So, if you like her, consider putting relatively little energy into it till she comes around, the only drawback here is time. Or, if she keeps blowing you off, you can find another girl.

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