Why Does She Keep Viewing My Status?

Amanda Thompson
Why Does She Keep Viewing My Status

Whether you are in a relationship with her or not, if she keeps viewing your status, it can be a lot confusing and bring about questions. If she is your ex or a crush that rejected you, it will no doubt bring about questions such as is she stalking me? Does she still have feelings for me? Or is it because she misses you?

Unlike guys, girls tend to analyze everything, she would notice every tiny little detail about you especially if they like you so if she keeps viewing your status, you can rest assured that she is paying attention to a multitude of factors like how you smile, how you dress and many more.

Understand that the mental stress that goes into having to constantly evaluate if your relationship is going alright or not can be pretty draining. This can also be associated with trying to decide why she keeps viewing your status.

There are lots of possible explanations as to why she keeps viewing your status. The actual reason may depend on the individual and the kind of relationship you have with them. If you are curious or concerned, check out some of the factors known to be the reasons below.

Why Does She Keep Viewing My Status?

Knowing someone is keeping tabs on you can be pretty annoying and even more so if she is your ex-girlfriend. But it can mean she likes you and if she is your ex, that’s her way of staying updated about your life.

There is no phycology behind the reason why a girl would keep viewing your status but it can be a mental mess if you are trying to understand what this means so you can approach it. So, here are some potential reasons why I think she keeps viewing your status.

1. She is Sizing You Up


If you are currently dating her then there is a good chance that she is viewing your status to analyze details about you. It is mentioned earlier that girls tend to overanalyze so she is surely going to be on your status to get answers to all the questions she has in mind.

The most significant reason the girl you are dating will keep viewing your status is to answer questions that she has in mind such as do you smile often? What color looks good on you and if she has not seen you physically, it will be questions like; How fit are you? How big is your belly and she is also measuring your height.

2. She is Doing Out of Habit (Your Ex)

If she is your ex-girlfriend and she keeps viewing your profile or status every time you post then there is a high chance that she is doing it out of habit. When two people decide to part ways, some age-old habits won’t change overnight. So, chances are that she still misses you and out of habit views your status.

You might be completely fine with not blocking yourselves but if the situation has you in lots of confusion maybe they still care then it’s not worth it.

3. They Want to Stay Updated About Your Life

This can apply to your ex-girlfriend, a girl you are currently dating, or in a relationship with. Ex-girlfriends that haven’t moved on might want to know what is going on in your life now, and who you are now dating. Trying to figure out all possible questions they have in mind about you hence contact viewing of status.

The girl you are dating or in a relationship with can also view your status constantly to get updated on what you are doing. They probably want to take a look at your daily whereabouts.

4. She Is In Love With You (In A Relationship With You)

If you are in a relationship with her or she is a crush, feelings might have been cultivated over time and she views your status every day because she misses you. Girls are well known for checking on a guy they are in a relationship with every hour and liking all his social media pictures.

This tends to change after some time but if she is still viewing your status after 2 years, she is not bored yet and loves you.

5. She Has A Crush on You

Guys are not the only ones who crush on girls, the same happens to girls as well and it can grow every day with her viewing your status and liking what she sees daily. I can’t emphasize enough how many girls fall for a guy that knows how to dress nice so if you post your picture constantly and she views it always, she likely has a crush on you.

6. It Means Nothing

Lastly, she might be viewing your status by just going through every status that pops up and it might mean nothing. This applies to your ex as well, since she still has your contact, she might just be viewing it because it appears on her status bar.

Often when guys worry about their ex-girlfriend or crush checking their status, it sprouts from the ego’s mind does she still like me or is she crushing on me? Do, not itch your trigger points on it because they might not be any mind games or fishy intentions behind it.

Wrapping Up

While this article will walk you through why she is viewing your status, if you still feel weird about having her view your status or you are curious about the real reason then communication is the key.

Success in a relationship takes lots of work and lots of confused moments too, but open communication lines save you some of the stress.

However, regardless of why she is viewing your status, you can be assured that the other person is available for conversation. So, as long as you are sure she is not a stalker, you should probably engage in a conversation with her.

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