Why Are Military Guys So Clingy?

Amanda Thompson
Why Are Military Guys So Clingy

Is a military man professing is undying his love to you? Is there something about being in the military that makes men prone to clingy behaviors? Military guys have unpredictable schedules and for some reason, this has made them seem committed to making their relationships work.

Over the years, it has been discovered that girls go crazy over a guy in uniform, they forget about the man inside the uniform and as a result of this, they will ignore all the signs they initially can’t compromise with.

The military is full of high-stress situations so you can expect them to be physically and emotionally strong. Contrary to popular opinion, dating military men can be the best experience of your life.

There have been many stories about commitments regarding military men, some are true and some are not. However, one that seems to be backed up with some reasons for their clingiest. As your relationship progresses with a military guy and you realize he is clingy, read on to understand why this is so.

Why Are Military Guys So Clingy?

After an eternity of search, you finally found the perfect military, he has got that elusive combination of charm, intelligence, and good looks that get your heart skipping a beat.

There is no doubt an undeniable chemistry between you two however as the relationship gets deeper, you find an issue which is that he is incredibly clingy. Before you start thinking of taking a step back, here is why military guys are so clingy.

1. Long Periods of Separation

One prevalent reason military guys can become so clingy is that they have been far away from their loved ones for a very long time and a chance to be with them means they want to spend every minute of it. Military guys are always away for a long time due to deployments, training exercises, and many others.

The long period of absence can create a desire to hold on to their partner as long as they can and it can manifest into making up for lost time and they may worry that giving their partner space can cause the relationship to break.

2. Might be From Strong Bond With Fellow Soldiers

Another reason why military guys can be super clingy is that they often develop a strong bond with their fellow soldiers as they face some really hard times together and this can lead to them seeking similar connections in their romantic lives.

Soldiers are known to depend on each other and their strong bond gets forged in the crucible of shared hardships, danger, and loss. They crave this intense connection when they are back home from their loved ones.

3. Fear of Loss And Loss of Control

Exposure to the fragility of life and confronting the reality of death and loss regularly can lead to clingy behaviors them as well. This awareness can also transfer into a deep-seated fear of losing control or losing their partner therefore they attempt to keep them close at all times.

4. Sense of Duty

Military men are instilled with a strong sense of duty and responsibility to their country and those they care about. So, this sense of duty can be seen as constantly being available to their partner as they consider it to be their obligation.

5. Misunderstanding Boundaries

In most cases, it has been discovered that most military guys just do not understand the meaning of boundaries in personal relationships. They are likely to see the desire to be constantly together as a sign of love and commitment and not being clingy. They often do not realize healthy relationships need personal space.

6. Limited Dating Experience

Many military men have very limited dating experience so do not be surprised if your military guy is clingy as he likely does not know he shouldn’t be. Due to the demands of their careers especially if they join the military at a young age, they lack experience in navigating the complexities of a relationship and that can lead to clinginess in their relationship.

Should You Date A Military Guy?

A military guy might seem unpredictable and they have a work ethic like no other. But they have dedicated years of their lives to fighting for the country and they deserve some love. Dating them can be the best experience of your life. The only drawbacks are that they can be far from home for a long period and have some high-stress jobs.

Dating a military guy isn’t easy but it is worth it if you push through the hardest parts.

If you have fallen in love with a military guy then be prepared for new locations, people, and adventures. Dating a military guy is not the same as dating a civilian so you have to be prepared.

Wrapping Up

Military personnel are trained to be tough and resilient so you might want to learn how to make the most of your relationship by learning how they deal with relationships and how to communicate with them. While you have respect for the sacrifice and dedication he has shown to his country, it does not quite explain his clingy behavior.

For some of the reasons above, military guys tend to need constant reassurance of their love and commitment and won’t want to be apart even for the briefest moments. Lastly, cling tendencies might be okay provided he is not being overly needy which can be a toxic trait.

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