Do Guys Text When Sick?

Amanda Thompson
Do Guys Text When Sick?

Do guys text when they are sick? Or have that much consideration for others? We would have to agree on one thing, and it is the fact that guys are terrible at communicating. So, when he is not texting because he is sick, oh well, you better believe it. However, sick days are always quite miserable for both genders, when you are under the weather, all you can think about is getting some rest.

Everyone is pretty unique, and we have our way of doing things, especially when sick. During this period, you don’t want to be a burden to anyone, which can make texting family, friends, or your partner during that period difficult. It’s not uncommon for you to wonder if guys text when they are sick. Or why they rather retreat into solitude and a cocoon of blankets?

Some guys do and some don’t. No doubt that the majority of guys do not prioritize texting when they are sick. Men are not good at communicating when they are not sick, so you can expect even less communication when they are sick. Also, many of them do not text when they are sick because they do not want any added pressure from you. While some might not feel like having company, some would prefer a text to a call. In this case, it is best that you ask.

You can be thinking of ways to make your boyfriend feel better when he is sick, but when he has refused to reply to your text or text you back, the focus is likely to be shifted to you being worried. It is only natural to wonder why he is not reaching out through text because he is sick when that should take very minimal effort. We have shed some light on this common pattern.

Do Guys Text When Sick?

Historically, men have been portrayed as stoic so when they are sick, they do not like to show their vulnerability, but I think it all depends on the guy, and it really shouldn’t apply to texting. My current S/O and I didn’t talk for 2 days while he was sick, but the communication was ongoing through text however, his replies were not instant and it was quite understandable.

Some do and some don’t, there is no general answer on whether guys text when they are sick or not. One that there is no doubt about is that they may take their time answering you back, and people are allowed to take their time replying to you when they are sick unless you are discussing something time-sensitive.

In professional settings, most guys are known to try and power through their illness and in the process limit their texting. We all know guys are not good at communicating, and I doubt that a little text message will make them feel any better.

Importantly, it is best to focus on how to make him feel better rather than if he likes texting while he is sick or not, and if he doesn’t, he likely wants to be left alone with no added pressure from you. Note that when you are sick, you don’t have to do anything, you just have to get better!

Reasons Why Guys Do Not Text When Sick?

We all have our reasons for doing things and when it comes to guys not texting when they are sick, they are not that different in this regard. When your guy is not texting you back when he is sick, it is easy to jump to conclusions but before doing that, below are some reasons to evaluate why guys are not known to text back when they are sick.

1. They do Not Want to be Babied

This is one of the primary reasons guys do not text back when they are sick. Traditionally, we know that men are portrayed as the stronger gender, so most of them do not want to be shown too much empathy when they are sick, as this might make them feel patronized.

While many will like you to show concern, they do not like you going overboard with it, so they rather stay away till they feel better.

2. It Can Be An Ego Thing

Some guys are still old-fashioned so just like they might not text you because they do not want to be babied, they might also feel pandering to them shows a lack of respect for their masculinity. They will likely want to show that they can handle their illness and do not want you canceling anything for them.

3. They Don’t Want Any Added Pressure

Believe this or not, this is one of the major reasons guys do not text while they are sick. If you two have just started dating, and they are sick or unwell, they would try to avoid any pressure to perform better on their date. Some guys will appreciate the concern, but they would rather stay off till they feel better.

Also, they simply might not have the energy or capacity to give you the level of commitment you want while chatting. So it is best to let them make this decision themselves.

What Can I Do to Support My Guy When He Is Sick?

Being sick makes you feel awful, and you may feel helpless, specifically if you can’t be there for him physically. However, you can offer words of support and comfort through text to show you care. But will also respect their choice of some alone time.

If he is someone who hates to sit still for long, remind him to get some rest and let him know you are looking forward to seeing him, whether you have been apart for a while or not. Lastly, order some food online and get it delivered to his house.

Final Thoughts

One thing guys would avoid is their text being misunderstood and clearly, it is hard to think when your nose is running and paired with a sore throat, they would prefer to get better first. You might feel like a pest texting him, and he is not replying when he is unwell, but I highly recommend taking a breather and understanding he just needs to focus on recovering and not that he does not care anymore.

Expressing genuine concern and empathy might encourage him to text you more, but it is best to give them the space and time needed to recover. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to whether guys text when sick or not, though. So, when next you wonder if your guy will keep texting when he is sick, remember that it is a nuanced situation.

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