Do Guys Come Back After The Slow Fade?

Amanda Thompson
Do Guys Come Back After The Slow Fade

What to do when a guy slow-fades? The slow fade process is becoming an all too familiar phenomenon for guys and we have to admit that it can be a disheartening experience.

Having someone you like suddenly become less responsive, and less available until they gradually disappear from your life with no explanation is nothing but painful.

Slow fading might seem kinder than ghosting but in my opinion, slow fading can be more painful especially when you do not know what went wrong or how long this can drag out. Slow fading is even less attractive than ghosting as it gives the illusion of hope.

As infuriating as it is, slow fade seems to be the reality for many singles girls now, and apparently, it’s meant to be a trend, but it’s very awful. It’s a way of wanting a relationship to end abruptly rather than communicate.

Guys slow fades because they did rather have someone take the blame and end things rather than do it themselves and as it appears, they find it more convenient. It can also leave you wondering; Do guys come back after the slow fade? is there a chance of reconciliation? Let’s explore the possibility of this in this article.

Understanding Why Guys Pull The Slow Fade

Understanding Why Guys Pull The Slow Fade

Before we talk about if your guy will be coming back or not, you must understand why the slow fade is being pulled in the first place. A slow fade is a passive approach taken to end a relationship or dating. Rather than communicate their intentions and disinterest, they would rather cut off contact gradually and withdraw from the relationship.

Not trying to justify the guy’s behavior but it’s been discovered that communicating their feelings and lack of interest in a relationship can bring lots of negative reactions from the guy. But we still have to agree that slow fading is toxic and can be emotionally draining and unfair to whoever is on the receiving end.

Here are some of the reasons guys slow fade;

  • It’s the easiest way to avoid the difficulty of breaking up and also avoid the guilt of ghosting
  • It is simpler than telling you how he feels
  • He can spare himself the awkward conversation of trying to explain his feelings without offending you too much.
  • Guys believe it’s easier to just slowly fade than be straightforward with girls.
  • Slow fading passes the message across easily.

Do Guys Come Back After The Slow Fade?

There is no definitive answer to whether guys come back after the slow fade or not and this is because it depends on why he did slow fades you in the first place. If he did it to go be with someone else and it didn’t work over there, the chance of him crawling back is high.

But in the case where slow fading happens because he needed to prioritize his self-care then he might not be coming back. Slow fade does not set the standard for any stable relationship so whatever is reason for coming back, you should be cautious no matter how badly you want him back.

Rest assured though that most guys come back after slow fading. Guys seem to have a knack of disappearing and they always come back when you are getting over it and moving on with your life. Then boom, the runaway ex-boyfriend is back!

However, watch out if they do come back, and avoid getting angry or obsessive about it. You must prioritize your self-care and personal growth. Acknowledge the situation and understand that you deserve someone who is invested in the relationship.

Should I Confront The Slow Fade?

The answer is a capital NO. The moment you notice he is slowly fading and signs like not returning your calls as frequently, leaving your texts on read for a long time, and canceling last minutes dates, he is definitely looking for an open door. Rather than confront the slow fading, take your time, and here are things you can do.

  1. Do not rush into responding to his messages right away.
  2. Start making preparations mentally for moving on.
  3. Avoid the usual sharing of trivial with him.
  4. Relax and do not rush into seeing him again when he tries to reestablish the connection.
  5. Do not take matters with him seriously, Rather get over it and move on, if he is determined to win your love then he would put your needs into priority and work towards it.
  6. Keep an open mind and heart about a new connection. Embrace the opportunity of meeting someone new who desires a healthy and communicative relationship.

Wrapping Up

Whether the guy chooses to come back after the slow fade or not depends on him and why he did it in the first place. He might realize the impact of his actions and come back or feel remorse and regret about it but you must prioritize your personal growth and self-care.

Lastly, when there is the possibility of reconciliation, it is equally important that you know why the slow fade happens in the first place and put yourself first before exposing the possibility of rekindling.

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