Do Guys Purposely Not Like Your Pictures?

Amanda Thompson
Reasons Why Some Guys Will Not Like Your Pictures

Your new boo repeatedly says how attractive you are but does not like your pictures on the social media platform he is following you on. Or, guys do not like any of the pictures you post online. Why?

Guys are eager to click on a picture they like and there is certainly no doubt about that but ultimately if they are not doing that, it can be a sign that they are not invested in the relationship or friendship like you are.

A recent survey shows that guys would ignore their crush’s pictures in order not to come across as needy or they would purposely do not it to keep the crush on her toes. Rather they will go ahead and like the friend’s picture to make her jealous.

It is possible for some guys to purposely not like your picture on Instagram. You have to understand that guys work with visuals and everyone also has their preference. When a guy likes your picture, it can tell you if they have an interest in you.

Do Guys Purposely Not Like Your Pictures?

Yes, guys can purposely not like your pictures. Guys are always asking girls to send their pictures because they operate in a visual world and if they are not clicking the like button on your social media picture then there is a high chance, he isn’t into her or maybe has a girlfriend that keeps a tight hold on him.

Guys will not ignore the picture of a girl they like however if you are not getting any likes from guys on your picture, this might be that they do not find the pictures to be visually pleasing. However, it does not mean you do not look good in it.

The top secret reason why guys will like a girl’s Instagram photo is to pass a subtle, I like your message across, it is considered to be their way of flirting and also, they claim it is just to admire the girl’s beauty.

Sometimes guys would even ask for pictures to show their friends that they are dating or know a beautiful girl. So, if he does not like your pictures and you are confused, analyze your situation and relationship with the guy.

Reasons Why Some Guys Will Not Like Your Pictures

Reasons Why Some Guys Will Not Like Your Pictures

I tend to find the way guys choose which picture to like or not very weird but it is also important to know that everyone has their reasons for not engaging with online content. Guys will purposely not like your pictures on social media platforms for a potential reason. Below are some of those reasons.

1. Personal Preference

The reasons a guy won’t like a girl’s picture on social media might just be for some personal reasons and have nothing to do with you.

People have different tastes, interest and what may appeal to one guy might not resonate with another. So, it does not necessarily mean they dislike your pictures, it can simply be a matter of preference.

2. Limited Attention or Time Constraints

Guys no doubt have very short attention spans and there is also the possibility that there is limited time to engage with every picture they come across. It’s possible that your picture was overlooked or may have gone unnoticed.

With the amount of content available on social media, it is easy to miss your picture or have a limited attention span.

3. Privacy Concerns

Some guys are very cautious about their online presence on social media so they may choose not to engage with every post. Or as mentioned before, his girlfriend might not be so keen on him liking other girl’s pictures.

4. Intentional Disengagement

In some cases, it could just be that purposely not liking the picture means a show of disinterest, disengagement, or some personal reasons. You mustn’t jump to conclusions or assume the worst without any context. Some guys do not have the habit of liking pictures.

Is A Guy Liking Your Pictures Flirting?

If the picture is flirtatious itself then it would be flirting. The type of picture being liked is going to determine if it’s flirting or not and also if your caption is that of a sexual nature, it could also be described as flirting. While it is not considered full-on flirting to like someone’s picture on social media, it can still be labeled as soft flirting.

You have to remember that when someone likes a picture you have posted, they do this solely based on visuals. So, a guy liking your picture means that he is showing interest except it is stretched into older posts which can be quite creepy.

Wrapping Up

Not everyone is actively involved on social media so if it’s your guy who has not been liking your pictures, you should consider having direct communication about it and not assume anything. Remember that the number of likes from guys does not define the quality of your picture!

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