He Wants to be Exclusive After 3 Dates – Good Idea?

Amanda Thompson
He Wants to be Exclusive After 3 Dates

By date 2 or 3, you should probably have an idea if you like this person or not and would like to go to the stage of being exclusive with them. It’s really scary when you have to ask them; What are we? but it can also be confusing when he wants to be exclusive after 3 dates, you can start to worry if that is a good idea or not.

Being exclusive can mean different things to different people. And with the way most relationships end before they even start these days, you have to ensure that you clarify what being exclusive means to both of you.

Most people plan on being exclusive before they can fully commit to the relationship. But you might want to carefully examine the person you are dating before you can fully commit and dating always seems like the perfect stage to do that.

Understand that being exclusive means that you are not going to be seeing anyone else in the relationship and the person you are dating will also not be seeing anyone. So, if he is ready for this kind of commitment after 3 dates, is that a good idea?

Understanding What Being Exclusive Means

Girls are often the one who easily commits and I must say they fall in love pretty fast compared to the guys. The more time you spend with someone, the more they will reveal their true intentions which is why people do the whole let’s see how it goes thing.

You also have to understand that being exclusive still means you are hanging out and getting to know each other better but it does not mean you are lovers. Some people might offer to be exclusive only because they are not interested in seeing multiple people at once.

If your partner offers to be exclusive, it can be a sign of commitment, and unfortunately, it can also mean that they are controlling and do not want to share your time with others.

On the other hand, being exclusive might just be your partner moving too fast for you as it’s important to get to know someone, and you must be on the same page with this.

Exclusive dating is not labeled and it’s not the same as being in a relationship where more commitment is needed and there are specific obligations that have to be fulfilled to demonstrate your love for each other. But exclusive dating is a step towards a committed relationship.

He Wants to be Exclusive After 3 Dates – Good Idea?

3 dates are enough time to get to know someone but you should not assume that this means that he wants to be your boyfriend.

Being exclusive after 3 dates does not have a label, it just means that you will be spending time together and not doing the same with other people, you are not in a relationship and you are still in the get-to-know-each-other stage.

If he wants to be exclusive after 3 dates, it might be a good idea if you like him and he is not being exclusive as a way to be controlling. He can also be moving too fast especially if you know nothing about him and would still like to see other people to see how it goes.

If we are being realistic then you should know if you like this person enough after 3 dates to be exclusive with them or not. It doesn’t take long to move from dating to being in a committed relationship but first, you want to check if the dates have been long ones or just short coffee breaks.

To decide if it’s a good idea to be exclusive after 3 days or not, some subtle points like how many conversations you have had and the gap between the dates. Or most importantly, is there any significant bond built during this period? If the answer is yes, it might be a good idea to be exclusive and see where it goes.

What to do When He Wants to be Exclusive After 3 Dates

Up until now, you might have been going on dates with other people……. But eventually, you have to choose that one partner you will become exclusive with and eventually go into a relationship with.

So, if he is asking you to be exclusive, it means you are both going to avoid the distraction of going out with other people. This stage is just like testing the waters if you will. Here is what you can do to ensure this leads to something more stable.

1. Communicate

Whether you are looking to also be exclusive with them or you still like the idea of dating other people and keeping your options open, ensure you talk with them. It is a question of how well you two communicate.

Communication is key in any relationship, make sure both of you are clear about what exclusivity means to you. Be clear on questions like; do you still get to see friends of the opposite sex? Are you allowed to connect with others through dating sites?

2. Compatibility

It doesn’t matter if it’s after 3 dates or more, you must be both compatible. Do you like him? Do you enjoy spending time with him? Do you have similar values and goals? He should also feel the same in this regard so make sure you are both happy and fulfilled before being exclusive.

3. Develop A Sense of Trust

The next important thing you want to do is to ensure you both have a level of trust in each other. Exclusive dating will require visiting each other’s house and if you have any doubt about their trustworthiness, you might want to address that now.

You must address any concern about trust before you become exclusive. Do you trust each other enough to be in private places together?

4. Understand Boundaries

You must set boundaries if you are going to be exclusive. An exclusive relationship has the potential of turning into a real relationship so you need to make sure you are clear on what is and what is not acceptable now.

5. Timing

Timing is also important when it comes to being exclusive. So, if you feel like you are not ready to be exclusive after 3 dates or he is simply moving too fast, communicate this and then you can both decide to take things slow.

Wrapping Up

You may be dating exclusively and still be open to seeing other people so what is vital is that you and your partner communicate what being exclusive means to you both. You can’t like someone enough to get committed to by just going on one date, but 3 dates might seem like it has potential and can lead to a relationship.

So, it’s completely okay to consider being exclusive after going on 3 dates. But if things like compatibility, trust, boundaries, and beliefs do not align, you might end up wasting each other’s time. You must take your time in making a decision that is right for you.

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