What Does it Mean When a Girl Calls You Sir?

Amanda Thompson
What Does it Mean When a Girl Calls You Sir

Sir might be a simple term of respect, but when it’s from a girl you like, it likely has other meanings attached to it, right? Nicknames can be quite interesting and needed to spice up a relationship, but I do have to admit that some of these names can be downright confusing.

I’ve heard ladies call their guys names such as ”Papi, Mr. Big, and even Daddy. And now it seems we have to add Sir to the mix of weird names. However, a girl can also call you a nickname while having layers of submerged thoughts in her mind.

The reason your girl is calling you sir can vary based on the speaker, she might be intimated or captivated by you, it can be her way of showing she is in a dominant relationship with you, or can be as simple as any other fun nickname.

Reading a girl’s mind is not impossible but it’s quite difficult. So, if you find being called sir weird and can’t seem to understand it, let’s talk about common reasons why she calls you sir below and what the term can mean.

What Does it Mean When a Girl Calls You Sir?

It’s not an uncommon thing for a girl to call you ”Sir”. However, when it suddenly becomes a thing and happens a lot, it can be pretty confusing, and if the girl is someone you have feelings for, it can leave you curious. The meaning behind sir would depend on the type of relationship you have with the girl in question.

A call calling you Sir can mean lots of things so consider the context and tone of voice to decide on the underlying meaning. When a girl calls you ”Sir” a lot, it can be that she sees you as a respectable, authoritative, or older person. If you are lots older than her, it can also mean she is trying to flirt.

You want to check her tone to see if there is any underlying meaning behind it. Sir can simply be a sign of politeness and formality or more depending on your answers to these questions; Are you the same age or older? Is she your girlfriend? Was she raised in a family that can be polite?

Reasons Why She Calls You Sir

Using ”Sir” is a sign of respect in many cultures, so it’s rooted back to the type of relationship you have with her. If she is not calling anyone else sir, and you seem to have interest in her, you want to understand what sir means, so you can proceed with caution. Here are common reasons why she calls you sir.

1. She is Just Being Formal or You Are Her Boss

Before you overthink her reason for calling you sir, think about the environment where she uses the term often. Many people use sir when they are being formal or polite, so this may be the case. So, if the setting where she uses sir often is formal, or you are her boss, then it’s only natural for an employer to call you sir.

Moreover, a formal setting can still procure feelings from both sides, so if you find a tinge of blush on your face every time she calls you sir, she might think this boosts your ego and do it to make you feel superior.

However, consider asking her why she keeps calling you to sir If you find it uncomfortable and like her, simply make eye contact and tell her to let it rest. You can offer to go out for coffee to make her more comfortable around you.

2. She is Being Sarcastic

Most girls and sarcasm sure roll together, so don’t be surprised if she is just being sarcastic by calling you sir. If a colleague calls you sir, it might be because you are rivaling or eyeing the same position.

There is also the possibility that she is fond of you. So, if you are friends or colleagues, and she suddenly starts calling you Sir, you can also get sarcastic here by calling her ”Madame”.

3. She Wants no String Attached

Another reason she might be calling you sir is to put you at arm’s length. If you have gradually become fond of each other, and then she now calls you sir a lot, then it could mean that she wants no strings attached. She has realized there is an emotional connection and she is simply drawing a line.

4. She Feels Intimidated by You

Do you come across as arrogant or sometimes rude? Or in general, you are rude and snobbish, and she gets intimidated by you thereby calling you sir.

There is the popular belief that girls like guys who misbehave with them, and they like to be tamed (well, it’s true with some girls). So, she might hide behind her true feelings by calling you sir.

However, do not assume that it’s okay to intimidate her based on her fantasies. If you find being called sir very weird and uncomfortable, you should work on your conduct.

5. She is Submissive

If you are in a relationship, then your girl is probably just submissive and wants to let you know that you are in control. If she calls you when you have an intimate session together, she likely wants to be the submissive one here so if she is calling you say, enact as one.

6. She is Just Exploring

Your girl might just be exploring and might be interested in role-playing. She might be looking forward to acting in different scenarios with you and just like mentioned earlier, she is staying on the submissive end while letting you act the dominant one.

7. She is Flirting

Reasons Why She Calls You Sir

Whether you are in a relationship with her or not, she might simply be flirting. Most girls find the sir term to be an instant turn and if she likes you, she will look for nicknames that pass that message across.

How to Reply When She Calls You Sir

How you reply depends on whether you like her or not. After detecting the flirtatiousness in her tone, you can choose to move things forward and wave the green flag but if you detect aloofness, you should consider the stepping back option.

You must communicate how you feel about being called sir, so here are my recommendations when you need to reply to a girl calling you sir.

  1. If a girl you are not in any intimate relationship with calls you sir, and you are not uncomfortable about it, you can reply with; Sir? Are you sure you have not mistaken me for a knight in shining armor?
  2. When you want to take the easy, accepted, and stereotypical way about it, flirt with her!
  3. ”I like the sound of sir, but it’s unnecessary”. Or Sir? I’m not that old yet, but I will take it as a compliment.
  4. Ask her out, being direct will save you from lots of guessing and wasting of time.
  5. Be friends with her if you are not that already, that can also enable you to know more about each other and decide if she calls you sir because she likes you.
  6. ”Please, stop calling me sir, it makes me feel old” Or ”Can we drop the sir thing, it’s making me uncomfortable”. This is ideal if you do not like it.
  7. Call her madame to tease her back.

Wrapping Up

You shouldn’t hesitate to express your lack of disinterest if you do not like being addressed by a certain name. But in many case scenarios that I have seen, girls call their boyfriends Sir as a way to tease and poke fun at them, sometimes it’s also a way to stand out from every other person.

When a girl calls you sir, consider all the possibilities above, and you are sure to know why and how to respond. You should also take it as a compliment when a girl calls you sir, as it does come across as dignified and shouldn’t be particularly serious.

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